Bagpipe, Transverse Flute, Voice


I had my first experience with folk music at the tender age of five months at a bagpipe- and hurdy-gurdy-festival - the same festival where Danila and I met Norbert twenty years later.

This festival became an annual family tradition and one of the highlights of the year. There I learned typical folk dances like Scottish, Chappeloise and Mazurka, and tried my first bagpipe when I was twelve years old. Eventually it became clear that dancing and hearing folk melodies wasn't just fun or only a certain type of music, but a way of life.

From that time on it was not enough for me to leave the music-making to others. When I joined my first band, "Musica Carbonara", I started to play the music that made people dance. Over time experience taught me how to keep calm performing for crowds.

"L & E" grew out of a one-time collaboration with Danila and Norbert to perform at the Busker festival at Würzburg in the summer of 2008. We had so much fun playing together and the audience responded so well that we simply had to continue...

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